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Schedule for the Week

This week we have Daily Zoom Prayers

  • Shaharit - 8 AM
  • Minha with Arbit and Omer - 7:55 PM 

Zoom ID# 577-561-8202.

Rabbi Joseph Beyda will give a class on Tuesday Night at 8:30 PM.
Lag baOmer: Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai's Greatest Lesson

Daily Class Schedule

  • 7:35 AM - Hilkhot Shabbat, Rabbi Joseph Beyda - 577-561-8202
  • 7:00 PM - Halakhah and Parashah, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Yanetz, 472-703-3156
  • 7:00 PM - Gemara, Halakhah, Parashah, Rabbi Jack Bassoul, 263-208-2709
  • 8:00 PM - Pirkei Avot, Rabbi Charles Safdieh - 218-629-9323

Youth Class Schedule
All classes meet at 5:15 Daily.

  • Monday and Wednesday - Rabbi Mark Sabbagh, 991-507-0085
  • Tuesday and Thursday - Rabbi Jacob Ovadia, 739-108-6359

Services during Coronavirus

Due to the danger of the Coronavirus, we suspend all services in our synagogue buildings until further notice.  

Tefilla b’Tzibbur is important but certainly not a non-compromising requirement.  We are still able, and should, pray at home.  We know some will be tempted to create private Minyanim.  The medical advice we have received from serious infectious disease doctors is that this would be a mistake for that person and for our community.  At this time, the prudent course of action is to stay home and pray b'Yachid.  There are situations far less critical in which it is permissible and even advised to skip Minyan and pray individually.  To so otherwise in our dire situation is to be foolish.   Our tradition is filled with statements from our Rabbis warning against foolish piety.  Please do not fall into that trap.

I will be praying b'Yachid and have requested the same of all of our Rabbis and Hazzanim.  None of us take Tefilla b'Tzibbur lightly.  Please follow our example and pray at home.

The best way to join our class is through Zoom video conferences.  Download the app or go the website at and enter the meeting code.
You can enter the codes listed below:

  • Rabbi Joseph Beyda: 577-561-8202
  • Rabbi Jack Bassoul: 263-208-2709
  • Rabbi Chaim Yanetz: 472-703-3156
  • Rabbi Charles Safdieh: 218-629-9323
  • Rabbi Mark Sabbagh: 991-507-0085
  • Rabbi Jacob Ovadia: 739-108-6359

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Sun, May 31 2020 8 Sivan 5780